I teach courses in computer graphics, data visualization, and creative coding, with a hybrid focus on both technical and aesthetic concerns. One of the primary challenges for an interdisciplinary practitioner is the need to solve complex engineering problems while simultaneously maintaining an awareness of design considerations and cultural impact. The “meaning” of media arts practice is located precisely within this interplay between craft and science, the techne and the episteme. In my courses, I strive to foster an awareness of this interplay while also focusing on the various foundational aspects of the disciplines that the student must draw from and mediate between. Technologies will evolve and new forms of scientific and cultural inquiry will emerge; the ability to forge meaningful connections between disparate scientific and cultural models will always be needed in order to participate and innovate in contemporary research and practice.
CS 491, Creative Coding 1, S2016.
CS 526, Computer Graphics 2, F2015.
CS 524, Visualization and Visual Analytics 2, S2015.
CS 488, Computer Graphics 1, F2014.
ISTA 416/516, Human-Computer Interaction, S2014.
ISTA 499, Data Visualization Projects, F2013.
ISTA 352, Images: Past, Present, and Future, F2013.
ISTA 401/501, Multimedia Installations, S2013.
MAT 200C, Research Tactics, S2011.
MAT 594CM, Real-Time Graphics Programming, W2011.
MAT 201B, Programming with Media Data, F2010.
MAT 594CM, Fundamentals of Spatial Computing, S2009, S2010.
CS 5JA, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, F2007.

(MAT teaching portfolio)